The Sip and Feast Podcast

Welcome to The Sip and Feast Podcast hosted by Tara and James Delmage! If you love great food and value gatherings around the family table, join us as we explore ways you can improve your culinary skills and knowledge, especially as they pertain to preparing delicious meals for your family. With a focus on Italian-American food, and food that hails from the New York metro area in general, we combine personal stories, my 30+ years of culinary knowledge, and a listener-centric approach to creating an experience that’s casual and inviting with just a touch of sarcasm.

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Why a podcast?

Because I am most definitely not a writer.  In case you didn’t know, all of the great writing on this website is from Tara, and the rest of the stuff that resembles a fourth grader’s C+ book report is from yours truly.  But have no fear.   Tara is one by one, rewriting all of them.

Anyway, I am just way better when it comes to the spoken word.  You know those monologues in our YouTube cooking videos where I recite all of the ingredients and give you a little background on each?  I usually can do those in just one take! 

That’s right, I’m just way better at speaking, so I need to play to my strengths.  A podcast is extremely raw – well good ones are anyway!  It’s real and allows me to show you who I really am. 

But in addition to yours truly, Tara will be a big part of this podcast.  We really are a team and there is no one that I would rather do this with.  Plus, she points me back to true north when I go off on one of my all-too-common tangents, therefore keeping the Sip and Feast podcast on track. 

We will be releasing 1 new episode every Saturday.  You can watch on YouTube or listen on all of the major podcast platforms.

Here you will find all of our podcast episodes along with show notes and at the bottom of this page, you have access to the 10 most recent episodes.

What is The Sip and Feast Podcast about?

Well, New York food is our primary focus, but we want to talk about the attitudes of the people and the stories they tell.

We have tons of memories to share about growing up here on Long Island.  

I don’t know everything about New York, but I’ve lived in many parts of it and commuted to the city for years.  I went to college up in Albany and I basically live, love, and will die with NY food.

Whether it’s the great pizza, the one-of-a-kind delis, or homecooked food that New Yorkers are so good at making and oh so good about bragging about, lol,  here you will find conversations about all of it.

We love questions

There’s no question not worth asking. Send them to (when sending the email, remove the 11111 from the email address – that’s here to help weed out spammers).  

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