Are there certain ingredients you shy away from using, or certain meals you won’t make because you’re afraid you might screw them up? Listen as we explore some culinary situations that may give you pause, and some tips to help conquer your food fears!

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For many cooks, both novice and seasoned, certain ingredients or meals can be intimidating.

Do you delegate certain duties, such as breaking down a chicken or firing up the grill to someone else in your household because you’re afraid of messing up?

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to prepare a special steak dinner, but the fear of ruining an expensive cut of beef has prevented you from making it.

In this episode, we discuss some common kitchen and culinary fears and provide ideas to help overcome and conquer your food fears.

Closeup shot of Italian cheesecake with blueberry sauce on white plate.

Food news

Included in this week’s discussion on food news are some of the most exciting new foods debuting at the Minnesota State Fair which runs from August 24 – September 4. These foods include the bacon-wrapped waffle dog, Miami mango pickles, the crispy lutefisk steam bun, and Birramisu. We also discuss the latest news about one man’s alleged find in his Olive Garden minestrone.

Minnesota state fair pic with my brother and I holding beers with pickle and bacon.
Back in 2017 with my brother at the Minnesota State Fair. Look at that black beard! Times have changed lol.


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  1. Christine Wallace Ondish says:

    Your love of food and family is evident in all of your videos. (My husband and I particularly like the Buddy rating system.) Your recipes and ingredients remind me of LI, where I grew up. I still have family there and always bring coolers to go to Uncle G.’s before driving home to VA. We wish you continued success. I have spread the word. All my LI friends here in DC metro are fans. There is no such thing as really good Italian food here or “good bread”.

    1. Tara says:

      Hi Christine, we really appreciate your comment and you spreading the word. Thank you so much!