This is the third episode of The Sip and Feast Podcast. 

Spaghetti and meatballs on white plate with basil garnish.

If you prefer video, watch the full episode 3 YouTube video version.

In this episode, we’re talking meatballs.  What makes a great meatball?  What type of ingredients are needed for tasty meatballs and how do you keep them tender?

Besides classic Italian meatballs, we also discuss non-meat meatballs like eggplant meatballs and polpette di pane.

Finally, we answer a few listener-submitted questions.

White plate of cut open polpette di pane.

We love your questions.  Send them to (remove the 11111 for our contact).  There’s no question not worth asking.

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  1. Hey Jim & Tara

    I’m trying to find the swordfish and eggplant pasta recipe that I think you guys mentioned in the Olive oil podcast. Struggling a bit to find it, I’m sure I’m just not searching right. Love the podcast, nice addition to your platform (the tangents are my favorite part).

    Thanks for the help

    1. Hi James, so happy you’re enjoying the podcast – we appreciate you listening! This is one of the recipes I don’t have a website post for – it’s only on YouTube. Here’s the link to the video (ingredients and instructions are in the video description). Hope you enjoy!