It seems as though every year a new “must-have” kitchen tool rears its head accompanied by a flurry of recipes with a focus on that specific tool.  But for many of us with limited kitchen space, the true utility of these tools and gadgets is an important consideration. If you’ve ever been left shaking your head and wondering which kitchen gadgets are actually worth buying, you’ll want to give a listen.

Stack of pizzelles with coffee mug in background.

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We recently visited an Airbnb that had every kitchen tools imaginable! While these tools greatly enhanced our experience there, we know many of them weren’t practical in that they take up precious space, whether on a counter or shelf or in a drawer or cabinet. 

We decided to dive a little deeper and explore which gadgets and appliances are worth the space they take.

Tara surprised me and kicked things off with a little game where she posed the age-old question, “if you were stranded in a deserted kitchen, which 3 tools would you choose?”.  Which 3 would be yours?

We talk in detail about the importance of the ultimate tool, the chef’s knife, and aim to help you decide which of the larger appliances are a must versus nice to have. 

Included in this discussion are the Instant Pot, slow cookers, air fryers, induction cooktops, stand mixers, blenders and food processors, waffle and pizzelle irons, and more.

We ran out of time, but continued the conversation on Patreon where we got into a few more of the smaller gadgets, tools, and coffee makers.

This is a topic we could have spent much more time on, so if you want to hear more on this topic, or if there are specific kitchen gadgets you would like to hear more about that weren’t discussed here, drop us a comment below and let us know!

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