When December rolls around there’s one thing on our mind: Christmas Cookies! There are many we love and make on repeat and others we begrudgingly eat out of some odd self-imposed obligation. Here we discuss them all!

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Christmas cookie collage showing: lemon ricotta, chocolate chip, linzer, pizelle, cucidati, reginelle, pignoli, S, and snowball cookies.

For many, Christmas cookies are a symbol of the season.

Baking with loved ones, making sweets steeped in tradition, and sharing those creations with others brings us joy.

Conversely, there are a few cookies that may not be so welcome on our holiday cookie platters.

In this episode, Tara and I discuss some of our most beloved cookies, many of which arouse memories and are rich with nostalgia.

Some of these include sesame-covered regina cookies, linzer cookies with raspberry jam, and black and white cookies.

We also share our (perhaps unpopular) opinion about a few cookies we’d rather not eat.

Which are your favorite Christmas cookies?

Overhead shot of white platter with struffoli on blue board.


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  1. Although not a Christmas cookie we’ve sometimes made pannetone for this season. So much better than most of the store-bought ones.