When it comes to spending money on kitchen gear, the sky is the limit, but is it really worth it to spend your hard-earned money on some of these high-ticket items?

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Dollars and sense

We try always to keep value in mind when talking to our audience.

Whether discussing budget-friendly food or ways to save at Costco, value and saving money is an overarching theme of the Sip and Feast podcast.

Fancy coolers in bright colors, high-end ranges, high-carbon steel knives, outdoor pizza ovens, stand mixers, and more are up for discussion in this episode.

For example, high-carbon Japanese steel knives can come with a high price and while they have their benefits, if their owner isn’t prepared to maintain them and properly care for them, they’re simply not worth it.

And is the “pretty” trendy cooler really better than the one you can buy at Costco for half the price?

Join us as we have a lively chat about which high-end kitchen gear is simply not worth it.

Collage with pics of range hood, stand mixer, knives, and pizza oven.

Taste testing more snacks

We received great feedback on the taste test segment, so we’re back at it again this week!

Tara and I are trying 4 different flavors of Loacker brand quadratini.

We’re been enjoying these cube-shaped wafer snacks in our home for years and wanted to determine which flavors we like best.


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  1. Too much non-essantial B. S. Please just stick to the subject and not wander off on everything else! PULEEEEEEZZZEE!!! Love your cooking and demo’s and your son who is I’m sure loves doing the shows! Let Him cook one day and show it to us!!!

  2. My 44 year old KitchenAid Mixer has a place of honor on my limited counter space. I baked 23 batches of 8 different types of cookies this past Christmas so I could give Christmas Cookie Platters to family and friends. Without that mixer, that would be very difficult to do. I also have 2 Le Creuset 7 quart Dutch ovens that are 15 and 20 years old. While they are very heavy, they are my go to pans for braising, making stews and soups and small batches of tomato sauce. And they do not show there age. Also, I just want to say, I love your You tube channel and podcasts. Your childhood memories of cooking with your Grandmother remind me of my memories of cooking with my Italian American Nana. She didn’t use a mixer, just a board on which I had to make a mountain of flour and then turn it into Mount Vesuvio so we could proceed with the recipe which was in her head, not written down!

  3. Re: Linda Corridon’s question. I have kept a massive baking stone on the bottom of my electric oven (has no ‘exposed’ bottom heating coil) for nearly 3 decades with zero issues. Only recently when I started to make pizza again did I move the stone to the bottom rack. If I was to bake something like cookies, a cake or some other “baking dish” recipe I’d just move the stone back to the bottom or bake on the upper rack. A baking stone stores heat and as such likely doesn’t get any hotter than the oven setting. A baking steel reflects heat and will get hotter than the oven’s temperature. Hope this helps. -John

  4. Great Podcast Jim and Tara! Love your new opening with a great smile Jim!

    I made a comment on youtube also, but I had one question. I see alot of people on youtube channels where they keep their pizza stones in the oven all the time. No matter what they are baking at any temperature. I have one, never used, still in box. Just didn’t want to deal with taking it in and out. Is that a good idea to keep it in the oven and does it increase your oven temperature which could be a disaster if your baking a cake!?

    P.S. hope that you will make that road trip to Little Italy in Baltimore!!!

    Take care!

  5. I used to make pizza dough and bread by hand. When I hit 70 I decided to buy a Kitchen Aide Pro because making bread by hand was getting to be too much. At 79 my arthritis has gotten so bad that without my Kitchen aide I wouldn’t be making bread at all. Also, my husband loves desserts, so I use it for that. I use the pasta attachment for homemade pasta. Plus my husband uses the meat grinder attachment for making sausages. My Kitchen aide has a permanent place on the center counter. I love my mixer.