Shrimp are one of those ingredients that are perfect for novice cooks. They’re easy to find, easy to prepare, and cook within minutes. If you’ve ever wanted to know all about shrimp as they relate to cooking, whether it be the size, variety, or cooking methods, give Shrimp 101 a listen!

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Shrimp pasta in black pan.

Shrimp are one of our favorite ingredients to work with and, as discussed in the 30-Minute Meal episode, one that requires just a few minutes to cook.

But for many, especially beginners, there are questions such as “what type of shrimp should I use?”, “should I buy frozen or fresh shrimp?”, or “should I remove the tails from my shrimp?”.

In this episode, we ponder these questions as we talk about shrimp, their sizes, varieties, our favorite shrimp recipes, and some tips on how to shop for shrimp.

Food news

Included in this week’s discussion on food news is the acquisition of Sovos Brands, the company that makes Rao’s sauce, by Campbell’s, why we’re leery about “triple-washed” produce after hearing the story about the tree frog who took up residence in a container of spinach, and the bizarre TikTok trend of eating 3 large carrots a day to maintain an orangey glow.


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