With the hustle and bustle of our every day, it can be tempting to turn to food delivery services when we’re not in the mood to leave the house to get groceries or take-out, however, these often come with high delivery costs, increased prices on menu items, and other fees that yield a degraded experience for the consumer.

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The Downside of Delivery

Gone are the days of the in-house pizza delivery services where you were promised a hot pizza in 30 minutes.

Today we as consumers are faced with the choice of cooking at home, ordering take-out/drive-thru and picking it up ourselves, or relying on one of the food delivery service companies.

I’ve yet to have a positive experience with any of the latter. While I agree certain use cases justify their existence, I’d rather abstain from relying on them entirely.

And I’m not alone in my sentiment. There are numerous articles all over the internet and many Reddit threads where folks express similar feelings.

One Reddit thread, in particular, covers the marked-up prices and the impact on consumers, the toll these services take on both the restaurant owners and the drivers, and the dissatisfaction of shareholders who have invested in companies that aren’t profitable.

Use cases aside, I stand by the fact that we are better off making our food at home or getting out of the house to pick up the food ourselves.


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  1. PS – – I trust you guys and would buy anything that you recommend that I need. That includes items with your names attached. I hope to one day be buying a cookbook written by you!

  2. I enjoyed this episode very much. My husband and I use DoorDash a couple of times a month just to save ourselves the drive to pick up food, but it really is a waste of money, and I appreciated hearing your review of the pros and cons. I also appreciated your vulnerability in sharing personal information at the end of the episode – – it’s always helpful to hear how others are balancing their lives as well as dealing with challenges. Tara, in particular, I am so sorry that you have to live with the closeup memory of 9/11 – – Thank you for sharing that, and I am sending a big hug. I am sure that something like that never leaves you, and you have worked hard to keep that memory in a place of respect without letting it consume you.

  3. The delivery service driver expects a tip based on the value of what he is delivering ( a certain percentage).
    What does the value of the package have to do with the service performed?
    The driver picks up , drives and delivers,it’s the same routine for every customer.A one dollar package is the same as a hundred dollar package .Why should the same service cost one person more than the other person?
    The driver should just get a flat rate per delivery.

  4. When I lived on Long Island and worked in Riverhead, (1995-2006) there were several delis and restaurants that delivered lunch to the office and we did appreciate that we could get a decent lunch without leaving the office, especially on snow or rainy days or we were prepping for trial. We would tip extremely well, so the food was always fresh and never mangled in any way. The delivery person worked for the establishment, so they had an interest in delivering fresh untouched food. During Covid (here on the Gulf Coast), we often picked up take out meals from our favorite restaurants, because we craved and missed their food and wanted to support the businesses and their employees. I don’t like the delivery services or even Instacart, because they jack up the prices so much. I agree, only the delivery company benefits, not the restaurants or the overwhelmed staff. However, I do have a friend, a single mother, who survived Covid by doing Uber and door dash deliveries. She was able bring her child with her and still work – so there’s that benefit for the drivers.
    In response to your question regarding selling products… please don’t do that. Cookbooks yes, but products – no way! For example, it’s quite annoying when a certain denim wearing chef is creating a fantastic dish and then she goes off on a tangent how this is the perfect recipe to use the wisk she sells on her webpage…. (Emeril does it too — it’s so tacky). You guys are a great team, may you have continued success doing what you love. Thank you.