Whether you’re helping your child learn to cook, just getting started yourself, or have been cooking for years, there are a few best practices every home cook can benefit from knowing!

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The Culinary Classroom

Throughout my life I’ve viewed the kitchen as the heart of the home, but also the room in which 95% of learning takes place.

Whether you’re a novice cook who’s just getting started, or a seasoned home cook, there is always more to learn when it comes to cooking and I learn something new on an almost daily basis!

As with any new skill, learning to cook can come with challenges, but we’ve come up with a few ways to cultivate a fun and fearless learning environment.

For example, start out by making dishes you actually love and feel passionately about, and don’t get discouraged if you make mistakes; cooking is all about trial and error!

In this episode we explore our top dos and don’ts when it comes to learning to cook with the hope of helping you overcome any qualms you may have about cooking!

Jim and Tara in Podcast studio with box of Trader Joe's crackers, eggplant spread, red pepper spread, and bruschetta on table.

Trader Joe’s Taste Test

We picked up a few spreads from Trader Joe’s and are giving them a whirl!

Have you tried any of these before, and if so, which are your favorites?


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  1. Maybe you could do a video demonstrating some common things that home cooks do incorrectly. Yes, this would be entertaining, but for a beginner cook like me, it would be helpful to see a video of you doing something incorrectly and then doing it correctly.

  2. Hi! Just one thought…I love your recipes and have a lot of confidence in my cooking abilities, but I will continue to use recipes for things I don’t regularly cook. Even after more than 40 years of cooking experience, I still like to check out multiple recipes for the same dish and discover different ingredients to come up with my own unique version. I’m always learning! Also, kudos to James for pursuing cooking! With such positive influences from both of you guys, he will succeed! Good luck to him and keep up the great work! 😋