Spring is here and with it comes warmer weather and meals that celebrate the lighter flavors and fresh ingredients. We’ve compiled our favorite must-make Spring recipes to help you usher in the season!

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We’re now in that in-between time of year where it’s not quite warm enough to eat outside every day, but we’ve already begun to crave fresher flavors and lighter food.

For me that means more vegetables, such as peas, asparagus, and artichokes, to name a few.

I take every opportunity to incorporate these ingredients into simple dishes such as rigatoni primavera or lemon asparagus pasta.

It also means cleaning off the grill and using it to make some delicious main courses, such as grilled chicken thighs and lamb chops.

In this episode, we discuss some of our favorite seasonal ingredients and how we use them in our must-make spring recipes!

Slice of tiramisu on plate with fork going through it.

Tiramisu taste test

In our latest taste test, Costco’s refrigerated Tiramisu goes head to head with Balconi’s shelf-stable Tiramisu.

Which dessert reigns supreme? The results might shock you!


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  1. James, I agree with you on the enameled skillet. I had one years ago and finally got rid of it. Too heavy and a stainless pan does a better job.