Every business has a backstory, and ours is no different. The Sip and Feast backstory started in a small kitchen back in the 1980’s and through the years was fueled by family, food, and determination. 

The Sip and Feast Podcast cover art.

If you prefer video, watch the full episode 1 YouTube video version.

Since starting the Sip and Feast YouTube channel in 2018, we’re often asked to share more of our history, how we got here, and whether or not I’m a professional chef.

We decided to use the very first episode of the Sip and Feast podcast to tell you everything you could possibly want to know about the Sip and Feast backstory. 

Who is James Delmage?

From the time I was a kid, I knew food was an important part of my DNA.  In this episode, I share more about why that is and how I was able to turn a passion into a full-time business.

Together, Tara and I discuss my grandma and her influence on the food I made as a kid and still make to this day.  

We talk about some of the food I’d prepare throughout my time in college and in the early days of our relationship before moving on to post-college, life as a trader, starting our family, and a 1,000+ mile move to the midwest and back.

I share how the Sip and Feast name came to be, and how it evolved out of my first Instagram account formerly known as “James Loves to Cook”.

We explore my YouTube journey and how it really helped propel the Sip and Feast business and brand. 

Speckled throughout the episode you’ll hear references to some of my favorite foods, recipes, the culture and mentality of New Yorkers, and what makes me tick.

Zucchini soup in black bowl with bunch of basil on cutting board.


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  1. When I need to make something perfect for dinner party guests, or my family on a Sunday, I pretty music use your recipes exclusively. I’ve been cooking for 45 years, and worked in the restaurant and catering business for 20 of them.
    Your recipes have never let me down, are straightforward and well executed.
    Thank you so much. I truly appreciate all the time and effort you both put into the perfection that is Sip and Feast. It is clearly your passion and we all benefit from it!

    1. Hi Patti, thank you so much for this comment, I truly appreciate it and am so happy you feel confident to use my recipes for dinner parties, etc!

  2. Love your videos and now, podcasts!! Keep doing what you’re doing! I’ve made so many of your recipes and my Italian husband loves each and every one! He, too, is 1/2 Italian and remembers the double kitchen in his (100% Italian) grandparent’s house as well as all the traditions! Thanks also for clearing up the pronunciation of Rao’s!! Been saying it wrong all these years! 😳

    1. Hi Jan, I really appreciate the comment and am so happy you’re enjoying the videos and the podcasts!

  3. Jim & Tara – super – loved it – not Italian but a friendly Irish Catholic from Chicago – love you two, the cooking shows and now this podcast – thanks for making the evenings more enjoyable! P.S. your kids are adorable!

    1. Hi Dr. Eileen, thank you so much for the comment. We’re so happy you enjoyed the podcast and thank you for listening!

  4. Hi I’m Italian by marriage I had a wonderful neighbor from New York that taught me to cook Italian and I see her teachings in you. Love your site don’t change anything your easy to follow.You bring back dishes I forgot about and new ones.I love to cook still at 87 .Lovely Family thank you .

  5. Thanks for all you do! You taught a retiree how to cook gourmet meals! Love the format; ingredients display, shopping tips, substitutions and making it easy! Tara and son wonderful. Bravo

    1. Hi Stephen, I’m so happy you’re enjoying the recipes and podcast. We really appreciate the comment; thanks so much!

  6. Jim; Excellent podcast, most enjoyable. I too am half Italian, my mother was born in Italy. We lived in north Jersey until I was in high school; Weehawken, Hoboken and Saddle Brook. Your talking about growing up brought me back to those days so long ago; I’m 76 now. This is going to sound crazy but my favorite aroma is going through the door of a REAL Italian market. The smell is so unique. When I lived in South Florida there were some REAL Italian markets. Not so here in Charleston SC. Our family was like that in the movie Moonstruck. So thanks for the flashback. Anyway, you and the family take care and I wish you great success with this new podcast adventure.

    1. Hi Bob, thanks so much for the comment. I appreciate you listening and sharing a bit about your background!

    2. Hey Bob you story sounds like mine Italian born in Hoboken and now live in Charleston SC , actually Seabrook Island. Love to cook mostly Italian really like Sip & Feast
      I am 79 and still do all the cooking

  7. The podcast was terrific… My one question is.. what did you do with all those half jars of sauce and half a box of pizza…? Did you have a community party? Did you mix all the sauces together and make some gigantic lasagna… that was a lot of sauce. Thank you.

    1. Hi Craig, thanks for the comment and glad you enjoyed the podcast. We do use the food – some gets frozen and some goes to family members.

  8. I just happened to catch your podcast and decided to sit through it. I love it. I will definitely be watching. As a purebred Italian everything you talked about was very familiar to me and even brought back some memories of things I had forgotten. Keep up the good work I’m a new fan. Well not really new because I watch all of your cooking shows. And make most of what you make. Pasta is my life 😁😁😁

    1. Hi Gloria, thanks for listening to the podcast! I really appreciate the comment and glad you were able to access some memories as a result of our stories.