Every business has a backstory, and ours is no different. The Sip and Feast backstory started in a small kitchen back in the 1980’s and through the years was fueled by family, food, and determination. 

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If you prefer video, watch the full episode 1 YouTube video version.

Since starting the Sip and Feast YouTube channel in 2018, we’re often asked to share more of our history, how we got here, and whether or not I’m a professional chef.

We decided to use the very first episode of the Sip and Feast podcast to tell you everything you could possibly want to know about the Sip and Feast backstory. 

Who is James Delmage?

From the time I was a kid, I knew food was an important part of my DNA.  In this episode, I share more about why that is and how I was able to turn a passion into a full-time business.

Together, Tara and I discuss my grandma and her influence on the food I made as a kid and still make to this day.  

We talk about some of the food I’d prepare throughout my time in college and in the early days of our relationship before moving on to post-college, life as a trader, starting our family, and a 1,000+ mile move to the midwest and back.

I share how the Sip and Feast name came to be, and how it evolved out of my first Instagram account formerly known as “James Loves to Cook”.

We explore my YouTube journey and how it really helped propel the Sip and Feast business and brand. 

Speckled throughout the episode you’ll hear references to some of my favorite foods, recipes, the culture and mentality of New Yorkers, and what makes me tick.

Zucchini soup in black bowl with bunch of basil on cutting board.


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  1. Felicia says:

    You had me hooked when you talked of your grandma. I came from Jersey and were family people. My nephew loved my mom so it brought back sweet memories. Keep up your wonderful cooking. God Bless.

  2. Teresa Rebello says:

    I enjoy watching ur videos especiallywen u talk n use ur hands to speak .lol thats how ik ur italian like me!! I love to talk & cook.
    It’s nice to see ur family also involved..keep up da good work n videos keep them coming..