Traditions play an integral role in any holiday. Each year we are reminded of old traditions that may have been around for generations, and we adopt a new one or two. And food almost always plays a significant part. Join us as we discuss some of our most loved Easter traditions, and share how they’ve evolved.

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When a listener wrote to us and asked us to share some of our family’s Easter traditions, we couldn’t help but turn it into an entire episode!

Together, Tara and I stroll down memory lane and share some of our earliest Easter memories, and you won’t be surprised to hear that they revolve around food!

We discuss how the blending of family members ushered in new and wonderful traditions, such as the first time Tara discovered grain pie, aka Pastiera Napoletana, and instantly fell in love!

Jim and Tara in Podcast studio with 3 Manhattan Special sodas on table.

Taste Test – Manhattan Special

We’re loving the new taste test segment and hope you are too!

Here we’re trying 3 flavors of the Italian specialty soda, Manhattan Special: Orange, Vanilla, and Original.

If you have the means to pick these up, we invite you to follow along and taste test with us!

Slice of cut pizzagaina along with the rest of the pie in grey plate.

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