The Eggnog White Russian is the perfect cap to a day full of shopping (virtual or in-person) and wrapping. A wintry twist on the classic, this drink just screams Christmas! So light a fire (or a candle), push those ribbons and boxes aside, and curl up with this tasty treat. You’ve earned it.

A glass with the eggnog white Russian,with ribbon and pine leaves in the background.

A Sure Sign Of The Holidays

There are a few early indicators that the holiday season is upon us. Christmas decorations line the shelves at Target, Christmas music has merrily replaced our local lite FM station, and eggnog has made its long-awaited annual debut on the shelves of grocery stores.

The holidays can be a stressful time. Our social calendars are quickly filling up, parental obligations abound, and if you work in certain fields, such as retail or financial services, this may just be your busiest time in the workplace. 

Because of this, it is so important that we find time to disconnect from the chaos and seek moments of solace, no matter how rare they may be. 

For me, nothing helps me disconnect like parking myself on the floor with a pile of gifts for loved ones, ribbon, wrapping paper, A Christmas Carol on the tele, a fire in the hearth, and of course, a healthy dose of eggnog. Sometimes with a splash or two of rum or bourbon. 

Not only is the act of wrapping cathartic for me as it allows me to somewhat remove myself from reality, but it gives me the opportunity to reflect upon how grateful I am to not only be able to afford these gifts for my loved ones, but that I have them in my life to begin with, and all that has happened in the year since the last wrapping session. 

Something New For The Tried And True

The White Russian is an iconic classic that has the Cohen Brothers to thank for its longevity. In fact, prior to their movie, The Big Lebowski, the White Russian had declined in popularity. But thanks to Jeff Bridges’ portrayal of “The Dude”, and his over the top, and notable affinity for White Russians, this cocktail has secured its spot on the classic cocktail walk of fame. 

Traditionally, the drink is made with vodka (hence the “Russian”), coffee liqueur and heavy cream, or milk. 

The drink is so heavy and sweet that it can easily be substituted for dessert. In fact, Ben and Jerry’s attempted to capitalize on this concept back in the late ’90s when they created a White Russian ice cream flavor. I only had it once, and it was memorable for sure. But it wasn’t popular with the masses and the flavor was discontinued, much to my chagrin. 

So when thinking of holiday drinks for Sip and Feast I knew I wanted to do something with eggnog. And subbing the heavy cream in the White Russian for eggnog seemed like a good idea. 

Well, after taste testing it, I realized it wasn’t a good idea. It was a fan-flipping-tastic idea! 

The coffee flavor from the Kahlua pairs perfectly with the creamy eggnog and the vodka cuts the sweetness just enough. It really is the perfect way to cap off any busy day this time of year and could easily be featured as a welcome cocktail for your holiday and New Years’ gatherings.

Glass of eggnog white Russian with ribbon, pine leaves and lights.

Other Holiday Cocktails

Providing you with an arsenal of cocktails for your holiday needs is one of our goals here at Sip and Feast. Having hosted countless events on our own, we know firsthand how challenging it can be to coordinate a flurry of dishes and cocktails. We get it and want to make it as simple as possible for you.  So here are some no-brainer cocktails you can serve to wow your guests. And the best part is that they are beautiful to look at as well.

How To Make The Eggnog White Russian

First, gather your ingredients, a rocks glass, and a cocktail jigger.  The ingredients include vodka, coffee liqueur such as Kahlua, eggnog, nutmeg, and ice.

Bottles of vodka, Kahlua, and Eggnog.

Place the desired amount of ice into the rocks glass.  I absolutely love using the large square ice cubes shown in our pictures.  It takes a lot longer to melt so it won’t water down your cocktail.  

Pour your vodka, and Kahlua over the ice and give it a gentle stir.  Then, top it off with eggnog.  You can either stir to blend it a bit,  or not.  Then, top off with some ground nutmeg – just a dash as nutmeg can be overpowering.

White Russian on top of a cutting board.

Serve immediately and enjoy!  

If you’ve enjoyed this Eggnog White Russian or any recipe on this site please let us know in the comments.  We would love to hear how you did and it’s nice to show others as well.  Thanks!

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Eggnog White Russian

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Prep: 5 minutes
Total: 5 minutes
Servings: 1
The Eggnog White Russian combines Kahlua, vodka, and eggnog to add some holiday cheer to the classic cocktail.


  • 2 ounces Vodka
  • 1 1/2 ounces Coffee Liqueur
  • 2 ounces Eggnog
  • 1 dash Ground Nutmeg (optional)
  • 1 cube ice


  • To a rocks glass, add your ice cube.
  • Add the vodka and coffee liqueur, and stir gently.
  • Pour the eggnog over the ice/vodka/coffee liqueur mixture.
  • Sprinkle a dash of ground nutmeg on top.
  • Serve immediately!


  • We used unflavored vodka, but this recipe would work well with vanilla flavored vodka if you are so inclined.
  • We used Kahlua, however, any coffee liqueur, such as Tia Maria, could work.
  • Go easy on the nutmeg as it can be overpowering.


Calories: 346kcal | Carbohydrates: 27.6g | Protein: 2.2g | Fat: 4.4g | Saturated Fat: 2.6g | Cholesterol: 33mg | Sodium: 35mg | Potassium: 107mg | Sugar: 24.5g | Calcium: 74mg

Nutrition information is automatically calculated, so should only be used as an approximation.

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