A first date is all about making a good impression and assessing whether or not there’s a connection that warrants a second date. Since food is an integral part of how we connect on the human level, the first date often involves dinner. But are there some meals that should be avoided?

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When thinking of foods to avoid on a first date, I think of overly messy ones, that require you to wear a bib or use a toothpick.

While some of my favorite foods, like buffalo wings, are on our list of foods to avoid on a first date, I will say that if you do make a mess with your food on the first date and still get a second date, there likely was a connection there!

Best and worst first-date foods?

While neither of us has been on a “first-date” in ages, Tara and I reminisce on some of the foods we ate on our first few dates, which included gyros and calzone. While I impressed her with eating one, I repulsed her with another and she isn’t shy to remind me of it often! lol

A recent discussion prompted us to discuss this topic here on the podcast and hash out further which are some of the best and worst first-date foods.

For example, pasta with easy-to-eat shapes, such as penne or rigatoni, are easier to eat than spaghetti.

Steak, beef stews, short ribs, or anything else that’s both bite-sized and delicious are also great options, while messier foods such as a whole lobster, or buffalo wings, or anything requiring you to wear a bib or use wet napkins may be deal-breakers.

Hand dipping buffalo wing into blue cheese dressing.


Overhead shot of large black pan with rigatoni alla vodka.

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